About Us INTETLAB sales reps
At International Ethical Laboratories we have dedicated ourselves to always be at the forefront on how to care about our clients. Throughout the years we have adapted our operations and services to fit people’s growing desire for information. Having this in mind, we invite you to explore our website where you will find plenty of information about our services
and products.

This year, 2012, International Ethical Laboratories is celebrating 40 years of top quality and effective uninterrupted service. Throughout these 40 years we have worked hard to fulfill the promise of our slogan has been “Health in our hands”. We have been devoted to watch over the health of Puerto Rico, with products that are effective, safe and economically accessible to all
our people.

Our goal is to continue offering a top quality and effective service, always taking care of our fellow citizens; at the same time maintaining an indisputable quality. We will always be searching for new ways to help our patients, by providing doctors with high quality products and making these available throughout every drugstore on
the island.
Our Services President Sammy Diaz and sales reps at the Hato Rey office
On our 40th anniversary we celebrate the work of our team of pharmaceutical representatives that brings you -our patients, doctors and clients- our quality products. They dedicate their time to sharing our effective and safe, quality products to more than 2,000 doctors every month. The trust they have placed in our products have made you, the patients, benefit from their qualities.

We also reach out to you through our office staff, who is prepared to help our clients find the products they need. They are available to help with any situation that might come up concerning the products; from questions our patients might have to anything drugstores might need, we are there to help. Just login to our Costumer Service Chat (grey button to the right of this message) and we will begin answering your questions. It is important for us to be easy to reach, since it is you, our clients, pharmaceutical wholesalers and drugstores on the island, the ones that maintain our products accessible to
our patients.