INTETLAB is compromised with web accessibility and that is why this page has been designed according to the inclusive access standards. If there is any error, please contact us at

We have kept an eye on the webpage’s legibility, including a color vision research for color-blindness. Also the INTETLAB page’s navigation system has been structured considering a friendly and intelligible design, for many understanding levels and ways to navigate the Internet.

Our website is interconnected to other external webpages out of our domain, and is not possible for INTETLAB to assure their accessibility. Also, there are some services that we offer that are not totally inclusive for deaf and blind people; even though we wanted to make it accessible. The INTETLAB staff is willing to provide its material in other format so it can be accessed by anyone that could not do it through this webpage.

We hope that the following diagrams can clear any questions that may come up regarding how to navigate our site.

To find information on the products we offer:
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Discount card for users with screen readers
If you are using a screen reader and are interested in receiving a Discount Card, please email us at:

Mobile version for users with screen readers
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How to navigate INTETLAB with your keyboard
It can be read using the most popular screen readers. Font can be adjust by pressing CTRL + + and CTRL + - , when using Firefox or IE 8.x. The links can be access using the keyboard with the “Access Keys”. For more information about the “Access Key”, refer to W3C Accessibility Guidelines. Also, there is the same navigation possibility with the TAB key.

To access the main menu: access key= “m” .

Our main menu is:
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Access Key 2 - [PRODUCTS]
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Firefox on Mac, Alt # key is substituted by CTRL.

With Opera, would be Shift + Esc + Access Key.